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Certificats Gammes Wild et Fresh Diet

GMO-free certified

Certificat Extract from May 5, 2016, United Kingdom
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P.A. Head of Quality


Natural Breed Wild Diet

Certificat - Natural Breed Wild Diet, page 1 Certificat - Natural Breed Wild Diet Perfect page 2 Extract from August 13, 2018, United Kingdom
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J.M. Pet Nutritionist


Natural Breed Fresh Diet

Certificat - Natural Breed Fresh Diet Extract from August, 2018, United Kingdom
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J.M. Pet Nutritionist


Complies with Natural Breed specifications

Certificat - Conforme au cahier des charges Extract from September 6, 2017, United Kingdom
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L.S. Nutrition

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Certificates Supreme Diet and Canine Diet

No hormones, no antibiotics, broiler chickens not caged

Certificat - 1 October 5, 2016 New York, USA

I would like to confirm, I can say that hormones are not legal in the USA.

Any animal given an antibiotic cannot be slaughtered until a specified time has passed without being fed any antibiotics. This is to assure that any antibiotic residue has been flushed from their system.

In the USA only laying hens are caged and om raw material is from broiler chickens which are not caged.


Do not contain GMO, Gluten, Ethoxyquin, or Byproducts

Certificat - 2 April 24, 2017 New York, USA, The undersigned in behalf of Natural Breed, to the best of my knowledge, hereby declares that the following products:
- Natural Breed Supreme Diet (Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Salmon, Puppy Mini, Puppy Large Breed)
- Natural Breed Canine Diet (Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Salmon)

Produced at (confidential) do not contain GMO, Gluten, Ethoxyquin, or Byproducts.

Our products meet respectively with finished product specifications and are produced and packaged using recognized Good Manufacturing Practices
J.P. Regulatory Manager


Do not contain any materials sourced from The Republic of China

Certificat - 4 Jan 10, 2017 New York, USA, Letter of Guarantee
I, J.P. , am authorized to represent (confidential), and am qualified to verify the information provided in this letter of guarantee, based on my position as Regulatory Manager. All pet foods manufactured at (confidential) do not contain any materials sourced from The Republic of China.
I certify that the statements listed above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
J.P. Regulatory Manager
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