The benefits of 3 vegetables

Peas - Chickpeas - Lentils

These three vegetables combined together constitute a nutritional punch,
while making digestion very effective.

  • The top quality of anti-oxidants provides good defense against dangerous toxins.
  • This mix also contains some anti-inflammatory properties.
  • According to some studies, food based on these various types of vegetables are associated with reduced colon cancer.
  • These «pulses» are excellent sources of energy and proteins and reduce the glycemic index.
  • They prevent blood glucose from reaching a peak just after eating, thus contributing to controlling the appetite by bringing in a feeling of satiation more rapidly.
  • It is an essential element for the control of the dog’s body weight
  • The dog’s digestive system is likely to digest these three combined vegetables more effectively as compared with other one or two combined vegetables.
  • In addition to healthy natural characteristics, vegetables are recommended for animals suffering from food intolerance.

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