Chickpeas : Vegetable benefits

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Their protein content is equivalent to that of any kind of meat, both in terms of quantity and quality!

  • Chickpeas are low glycemic index and gluten free.
  • This pulse is an excellent source of folic acid, fibers and lysine: it is an essential amino acid.
  • Their high fiber content has a favorable impact on the digestive flora, the intestinal transit and makes the satiation feeling last longer.
  • Folic acid is very important for cardiovascular health and is necessary to energy production.
  • Lysine is vital for numerous body functions, including growth and tissue and muscle maintenance.
  • Thanks to its proteins and fibres, its carbohydrates (glucose) are very slow. It is particularly suited to diabetic diets.
  • It is also a good source of manganese and copper, which protect the cells from ageing too early, as well as phosphorus and iron.
  • From a vitamin viewpoint, chick peas contain quite a lot of vitamin B9, involved in the nervous system operation, the requirements of which increase a lot during pregnancy.
  • They contain little fat and no cholesterol.
    No need to be a vegetarian to enjoy its flavor and benefits

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Beneficial effects on "bad cholesterol".

Studies carried out with animals suffering from hyper-cholesterol (excessive blood cholesterol) have shown that chick pea consumption reduces total cholesterol and LDL (the “bad cholesterol) blood concentrations.

Beneficial effects on the colon bacterial flora.

Studies carried out with animals showed that chick pea consumption increases the number of bifidobacteria (beneficial bacteria of the large intestine). For example, the beneficial effects of these bacteria could include assistance to the protection against colorectal cancer, a reduction of the activity of harmful bacteria, assistance to the assimilative capacity of certain nutrients such as calcium, and a contribution to the immunity system.

Beneficial effects on diabetes.

Studies carried out with animals and human beings showed that chick pea consumption brings a lower carbohydrate answer (glucose content in blood) than that of wheat, rice, maize based food... This property makes it a beneficial foodstuff if your animal is suffering from diabetes and must therefore avoid too brutal an increase in glucose.


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